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Ultraviolet Air Treatment

UV lamps are part of our indoor air quality products, and they have the specific task of killing both airborne and surface mold and bacteria.

The indoor coil (evaporator coil or fan coil) can have mold problems when the air conditioning is running during a hot Arizona summer. The reason? As heat energy is transferred from the air to the refrigerant in the indoor coil, moisture condensates. The dark, damp coil interior is a place mold is all too happy to grow. Mold hurts cooling efficiency, and air quality. A UV lamp mounted in the coil kills this surface mold.

UV lamps can also be using in ducting to kill mold and bacteria in air being pulled from the home. Ultraviolet air treatment is an important part of our air quality solutions. Call Al and Riley’s today for top-quality Casa Grande air conditioning products and services.

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