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Packaged Air Conditioning & Heating

A traditionally styled air conditioning system in most Casa Grande homes is called a “split system.” The reason is because an air conditioner or heat pump is located outside the home, and a furnace (or air handler) is located inside the home.

Sometimes however, space constraints don’t allow for the indoor equipment, and in these situations either ductless or packaged systems are the answer. If the living space has ducting installed, then a packaged system if the right solution for home comfort. A packaged air conditioning and heating system located all equipment into a single footprint design that is installed outside.

You might be wondering why anyone would use indoor equipment if all of the noise can be placed outside. Great question. One reason is a packaged system doesn’t last as long as a split system, and they are not nearly as efficient. So if indoor space allows for indoor equipment, that’s the way to go, but in some scenarios a packaged air conditioning unit saves the day.

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