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Casa Grande Air Conditioning

Free Honeywell Lyric Thermostat with New System!
Save $25 on A/C repair in Casa Grande

Life in Arizona just wouldn’t be possible without a reliable cooling system! When the sun is so hot that even rattle snakes slither for cover, your home comfort system better be up for the challenge! When you trust Al and Riley’s for your home comfort, you can rest assured that you’ll have a cool, comfortable home all season long.

Fast, Quality AC Repair

Al and Riley’s is known for our honest advice and quality work. Too many homeowners waste money on new equipment or repairs because a technician misdiagnosed a problem. With Al and Riley’s this simply doesn’t happen. Our technicians are trained and experienced with all the major equipment manufactures. We know how to accurately determine the cause of a problem, and then help you stretch your hard earned money in the best possible way.

An AC Installation Done Right

The most important… hang on, we need to say that again so you don’t miss it: the most important part of your home comfort system is the design and installation. Air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces and indoor coils are not like a normal appliance. They must be sized, design and installed the right way, or you’ll have major problems. We’re a Casa Grande air conditioning company who does the job correctly down to the finest detail. Our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’re here after the install to offer ongoing support.

Casa Grande Air Conditioning
Innovative Comfort Casa Grande

Innovative Comfort

Innovative is usually used to describe the latest Tesla or product from Apple right? Well now it applies to HVAC! For example, the Honeywell Lyric® thermostat brings comfort control to an entire new level. The Lyric can sense when your coming home or leaving (up to 7 miles away) and adjust comfort accordingly. It can also let you know what the weather is, and you can control it from your smart phone from anywhere.

Indoor Air Pollution Casa Grande

Indoor Air Pollution

Your home might feel comfortable, but you could be breathing polluted air! We’re a Casa Grande air conditioning company who specializes in indoor air quality products. When windows and doors are shut tightly during our smoking hot summer seasons, your indoor air can take a blow from VOCs, bacteria, mold spores, allergens, dander and more. We’ll help improve the health of your home!

Air Conditioner Repair Casa Grande

Air Conditioner Repair

Nobody likes repair right? Whether it’s your iPad, blender, car or air conditioner. It always means money and time right down the drain. Well, we help with timely response to your air conditioner repair need, and we protect your money. How? By accurately diagnosing the problem, and fixing what really needs fixing. We never sell our customers equipment they don’t need. We help stretch those hard earned dollars!

HVAC Maintenance Casa Grande

HVAC Maintenance

Imagine skipping maintenance on your vehicle. Would it quit running after the first skipped appointment? No, it would probably keep running for quite a long time before there were problems. But you’d spend more money on gas as fuel efficiency dropped, and you’d eventually be hit with a decent sized repair bill. Your air conditioning and heating system is no different. Maintenance is really worth it.

Thank you for considering Al and Riley’s for your Casa Grande air conditioning needs! We’re a company dedicated to the ongoing comfort of our customers, and our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to learn how we can enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control.

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