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Air Handlers

An air handler is used in the absence of a furnace. For example, if you use a heat pump to heat and cool your home, an air handler is used.

Air handlers are also called fan coils, and they’re an important part of our Casa Grande air conditioning solutions. You see, a heat pump (or air conditioner) chills refrigerant and pumps it inside to be used for conditioning the air. An air handler has a large coil that houses the refrigerant, and a fan motor that pulls air from the home, and forces it through the coil.

When heat energy is transferred from the air to the coil, moisture condensates on the metal coil in your air handler. This can cause mold to grow, and mold will not only hurt air quality, but also efficiency. UV lamps mounted in the coil will prevent this from happening.

Variable speed fan motors make for quiet comfort. If you’re used to turning up the TV when the air conditioning kicks on, well… you can say goodbye to those days forever with a modern air handler from Al and Riley’s! For more information on our Casa Grande air conditioning and heating solutions, call us today.

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