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Air Conditioners

Can you imagine a Casa Grande summer without a reliable air conditioner? That would even make a rattlesnake sweat! As a leading Casa Grande air conditioning company, we offer top quality air conditioners from leading manufacturers.

Air Conditioners work by compressing a gas called refrigerant, which condenses the gas down to a chilled liquid. The refrigerant is then pumped inside to the indoor coil, and warm air from the home is forced through the chilled coil by the fan motor in the furnace (or air handler). The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air, and the process repeats.

A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is used to rate the efficiency of air conditioners. A 20 SEER unit is more efficient than a 15 SEER unit. Cooling efficiency is affected by a lot more than just the air conditioner however. Indoor equipment, insulation, ducting and other factors affect air conditioning efficiency.

Casa Grande Air Conditioners
We offer air conditioners from leading makes and manufacturers. Below are just a few...
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